Los Angeles, 12 July 2023 (TDI): The Consulate General of Pakistan in Los Angeles is thankful to announce a collaboration with the recognized Pakistan Arts Council in Karachi.

This collaboration provides a road to deliver a varied range of literary and cultural activities in the core of Los Angeles.

Moreover, this partnership aims to protect and promote many aspects of Pakistan’s rich legacy, such as poetry, literature, music, performing arts, cuisine, and Qawwali and this projection will build a greater understanding and appreciation of Pakistani culture.

The Consulate General of Pakistan is excited to offer this unique opportunity for cultural exchange. This gesture ensures that it will strengthen ties between the two countries, encouraging mutual respect and appreciation.

Many renowned Pakistani artists will also be invited to perform in Los Angeles. It also establishes a climate in which Pakistan’s rich literary traditions and captivating performing arts can flourish.

These upcoming cultural activities celebrate Pakistan’s cultural expression.

The poetry events will captivate attendees by showcasing the lyrical beauty of the Pakistani language.

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Literature enthusiasts will be able to interact with renowned Pakistani authors. They will also have the opportunity to explore the depths of Pakistani literary excellence.

And no celebration of Pakistani culture would be complete without the fascinating qawwali performances, which provide everyone with a spiritual and extraordinary experience.

This collaboration hopes to establish a platform for Pakistani artists to showcase their creativity on an international stage. Moreover, it highlights the depth and diversity of Pakistan’s cultural legacy.