Islamabad, 12 July 2023 (TDI):  Kazakhstan is a proven heaven for investors and business cooperation from across the world, and investors from Pakistan can benefit from the country’s outstanding business environment.

Kazakhstan, as the hub of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) offers significant advantages to Pakistan. By joining hands, businesses in Pakistan can benefit from duty-free trade and seamless cross-border operations within the EAEU.

These were the remarks by Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan  Yerzhan Kistafin on receiving investors delegation from Global Business Alliance led by Chairman Muhammad Asif Noor.

Ambassador said also highlighted the strategic transportation routes between the two nations, particularly the Khunjerab Pass, which connects Pakistan to China and provides a lucrative trade corridor.

Participants of the delegation were briefed by the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan.

He stressed the importance of cooperation in utilizing the North-South Corridor, which presents promising opportunities for economic collaboration between Pakistan and Kazakhstan.

Ambassador Kistafin highlighted various sectors that hold immense potential for business ventures, such as real estate, the banking system, and the Astana International Financial Centre. He encouraged Pakistani businessmen to explore these areas and capitalize on the advantages offered by Kazakhstan’s dynamic and rapidly growing economy.

The Ambassador emphasized that Kazakhstan is a prominent exporter of wheat, oil, and LNG, providing Pakistan with opportunities for importation. In return, Pakistan can offer its expertise in pharmaceuticals and other sectors, fostering a mutually beneficial exchange of goods and services.


During the meeting, Ambassador Kistafin provided a comprehensive presentation to the investors, highlighting the vast opportunities available in Kazakhstan and the prospects for enhanced bilateral collaboration.

The investors engaged in detailed discussions with Ambassador on the potential for developing strong business-to-business connections and establishing fruitful contacts between investors from both countries.

While speaking on the occasion, Chairman Global Business Alliance Muhammad Asif Noor said that the Global Business Alliance (GBA), is an internationally recognized business and trade cooperation networking platform.

GBA registered with the Government of Pakistan, aims to foster result-oriented bilateral and multilateral trade, business, and related services worldwide. The alliance has developed robust networks comprising global diplomatic missions, governments, trade organizations, and enterprises.

Muhammad Asif Noor further said that Global Business Alliance is assisting the Ambassador to build long-term cooperation and improve trade between Pakistan and Kazakhstan.

He said that GBA is providing a competitive advantage to our forum members, enabling them to seize opportunities for sustainable growth, business expansion, trade partnerships, and excellence.

Kazakhstan Pakistan
Vice Admiral (R) Asif Khaliq, Rector of Bahria University,  also presented a souvenir to the Ambassador of Kazakhstan.

Education and cultural exchange were also discussed during the meeting, with the Ambassador expressing his interest in promoting student exchanges between Kazakhstan and Pakistan. This initiative aims to strengthen educational ties and promote cultural understanding between the two nations.

Following the fruitful discussions, an agreement was reached to organize a visit by the Global Business Alliance delegation to Kazakhstan later this year. This visit will provide investors with firsthand experience of Kazakhstan’s business environment, facilitating further cooperation and partnership opportunities.

Ambassador Kistafin expressed his sincere gratitude to Mr. Muhammad Asif Noor, Chairman of the Global Business Alliance, for organizing this important meeting. The Ambassador acknowledges the pivotal role played by the Global Business Alliance in promoting bilateral economic ties and creating avenues for meaningful collaborations between Kazakhstan and Pakistan.

The delegation members made several contributions by asking various questions and indulging in insightful discussions with the Ambassador of Kazakhstan. Later, Vice Admiral (R) Asif Khaliq, Rector of Bahria University, and Muhammad Asif Noor, Chairman of GBA also presented a souvenir to the Ambassador of Kazakhstan.


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