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Letter of Congratulations from President of China for Govt of Pakistan


June 05, 2021 (TDI): President of The People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, wrote a congratulatory letter in response to the World Environment Day event hosted by the Govt of Pakistan. He appreciated the efforts made by Pakistan for the conservation of the environment and conveyed the readiness of China to further work in this regard, with Pakistan.

To work for a just and appropriate system of global environmental governance, the international order should come together with extraordinary ambition so that sustainable development can take place in a win-win situation for all states, he communicated. He further emphasized the importance of the events that were held in Pakistan, under the theme of ecosystem restoration.

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President Xi Jinping conveyed that Earth is a mutual and shared home of all mankind and to prosper, a substantial ecosystem is needed by the civilizations. He stressed the relationship between nature and human beings and on fostering it in such a way that both can grow in a harmonious way. He mentioned many climate changes, including extreme weather events, increasing desertification, and biodiversity loss, while stressing the fact that it is affecting all people, in their shared global community.

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China is harboring a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature, on its way towards strengthening socialism with distinct Chinese features, he presented. He further stressed the fact that China is not only a participant but a contributor too, in the process of global ecological conservation. He reaffirmed that the Chinese civilization aims to discuss and make plans for ecological conservation, by a process where all parties are involved.

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