Accra, 2 June 2022 (TDI): The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), with the assistance of the European Union (EU) and the Government of Ghana, officially launched the UNCITRAL days in Africa.

The objective was to raise awareness about the development as well as the importance of international trade law. The UN Commission has been working non-stop ever since 1966 to enhance and maintain a healthy commercial law environment.

This universal legal body exists in favor of the harmonization of rules regarding international business & commerce. In this opportunity, the African region is the main focus.

On an ever-growing economically interdependent planet, the relevance of an upgraded legal structure for everything related to international trade is globally recognized.

UNCITRAL days consist of numerous events that are mutually organized by various higher education institutions as well as universities in order to illustrate to the young people about the actions of UNCITRAL.

These assemblies let young students, which are the future of the legal system in Africa, learn about this innovative and relevant work made by the commission.

Furthermore, this might also inspire some young law students to pursue careers in the field of international law, in non-governmental organizations such as UNCITRAL.

UNICTRAL days were a success in other regions such as Asia and Latin America. However, this was the first time the event took place in Africa, specifically in Accra, Ghana.

The European Union pitched its work to support the African nations within the framework of AfCFTA or the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Several African universities have shared their willingness to host the next UNCITRAL days’ event in late 2022. Through these kinds of initiatives, African youth can benefit enormously.

The next policy and decision-makers of the region are now having closer access to the kind of expertise only the United Nations offers.

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