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Latvia celebrates 30 years of Diplomatic Relations with Ireland


Riga, 9 October 2021 (TDI): On 9 October, Latvia is celebrating its 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Ireland.

The two countries established diplomatic ties on 9 October 1991 after Latvia regained its independence due to the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
The commencement of bilateral relations between Latvia and Ireland was characterized by the first official visit by the Irish foreign minister to Latvia. Gerry Collins, the Irish foreign minister visited Riga, the capital of Latvia on 9 October 1991. His visit formally began diplomatic relations with Latvia.
After the establishment of diplomatic ties, the two countries enjoy close relations. The two countries share a partnership in the European Union.
With the passing years, the relations between the two states have strengthened. Ireland was also one of those countries that did not recognize the occupation of Latvia. The cooperation between the two friendly relations has expanded with time. The number of Latvians working in Ireland has increased in recent years.
Latvia and Ireland share the same perspective on many issues. And, they are the like-minded countries that have shared a history of occupation, resistance, and independence. Moreover, the two countries agreed to further enhance their collaboration in different fields.

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