Islamabad, 7 March 2023 (TDI): The Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan, Ulanbek Totuiaev, visited the Islamabad Chambers of Small Trade and Small Industry (ICSTSI) Office today.

The agenda of the meeting was to interact with the business community of ICSTSI. Wajida Saleem, the Vice President, gave the opening remarks highlighting the cordial diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Sajjad Sarwar, the President of the ICSTSI, gave the welcome address. In his speech, he shares that Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan have long-standing economic and cultural ties.

He said that the small business sector is critical to Pakistan’s economy because it provides jobs, opportunities, and places for community gatherings.

He added that following the completion of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Pakistan has emerged as an emerging market and logistics hub, making it an appealing investment destination.

Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan, Ulanbek Totuiaev, speaking with the members of the Islamabad Chambers of Small Trade and Small Industry (ICSTSI) Office today.

Along these lines, he pointed out that textiles, transportation, tourism, and vegetables are just a few industries where the two countries could work together.

The Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan underscored bilateral relations between the two countries. Ambassador highlighted that Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan enjoy deep-rooted relations and greater potential for cooperation in business and trade.

He said that both countries are celebrating 30 years of strong relations.  In this vein, he shared the significance of small and medium enterprises in strengthening bilateral ties.

He lauded ICSTSI on its role in enhancing ties and facilitating small and medium businesses. It is doing well, and the business environment favors foreign investment.

The meeting provided an opportunity to strengthen bilateral cooperation and ties. The office bearers of the ICSTSI and executive members participated in the event. A question-answer session was also held.

Pakistan-Kyrgyzstan ties

Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan have developed strong business ties over the years. The two countries have a long history of cooperation built on mutual respect and understanding.

Pakistan has developed into an emerging market and logistics hub, creating an advantageous environment for foreign investment.

On the other hand, Kyrgyzstan offers numerous investment opportunities in industries such as textiles, transportation, tourism, and agriculture.

Both countries are looking into new ways to improve cooperation and increase trade. The future of Kyrgyz-Pakistan business ties appears bright as both countries work to strengthen their economic and political ties.