Baku, 5 July 2023 (TDI): Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber heads the delegation of Kuwait participating in the ministerial meeting of the Coordinating Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), held today in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

The minister praised the thoughtful leadership of Azerbaijan and its efforts for the excellent organization of the meeting.

He stressed that in these difficult and challenging times, the member countries of NAM should adhere to international customs and rules to prevent any further escalation that could lead to severe consequences.

Foreign Minister explores regional and international issues

Today, the ministerial meeting actively addresses emerging challenges in the regional and international arenas under the theme “The Non-Aligned Movement: United and Resolute.”

During his speech at the ministerial meeting, Sheikh Salem said that the Palestinian issue is not only a central concern for Arabs but also a primary focus of discussions on regional and international platforms.

Pointing at the atrocities committed by Israel against the Palestinians, he underlined that a comprehensive peace based on international values cannot be realized in the presence of a strong occupying force.

Moreover, he drew the attention of the participants towards the persistent Israel human rights abuses in Palestine besides developing settlements, confiscating lands, demolishing homes, and displacing Palestinians from their lands, negating their legitimate rights of sovereignty and independence.

He also extensively deliberated on the current developments in Sudan and affirmed Kuwait’s firm support in diffusing the tense situation.

The Minister emphasized the significance of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 254, entitled “International Day to Combat Islamophobia,” in fostering global unity against hate speech and crimes targeting Muslims.

Sheikh Salem strongly condemned the recent extremist incident of burning the Holy Qur’an in Stockholm. He called on the International community to hold the perpetrators of such activities accountable to avoid similar acts in the future.

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He expressed Kuwait’s strong commitment and adherence to the United Nations charter in the country’s pursuit of a peaceful and prosperous future.

On the sidelines of the ministerial meeting, Sheikh Salem also held bilateral talks with the foreign ministers of various Middle Eastern nations, including Iran, Iraq, and Turkiye, discussing measures towards regional stability and security and bilateral cooperation.