Islamabad, 16 February 2022 (TDI): Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Sohail Mehmood received the Kenyan High Commissioner, Professor Bitok for a farewell.

According to the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Secretary, Sohail Mehmood appreciated his great diplomatic services and his efforts for the promotion of Pak-Kenya ties over the last seven years.

Likewise, the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan showed a strong willingness to further Pak-Kenya relations in all fields.

Pak-Kenya Relations

Pakistan and Kenya enjoy cordial relations. The relationship between the two is deeply rooted in history. Both countries share similar views on most international issues and have been supporting each other in various international forums.

Due to the spirit of cooperation, Pakistan offers various kinds of courses and training programs. These courses and programs vary from the junior level diplomatic courses to the advanced and railway and international central banking courses.

Pakistan provided economic assistance to Kenya in time of need. For instance, Pakistan provided relief assistance to Kenya in its fight against drought that affected parts of the country during 2006 and 2011. In the same spirit, Kenya supported Pakistan along with other states during the 2010 floods.

Trade Relations

Kenya is turning out to be the hub of economic activities after the construction of Lamu Port and a railway network linking Kenya with other countries of the region. Pakistan is also interested in promoting its trade relations with Kenya.

Currently, the Pak-Kenya trade is dominated by coffee, tea, and rice, but to a lesser extent, it also includes industrial supplies, fuel, and transport equipment as well.

The trade volume between Pakistan and Kenya stood at 705 million dollars in 2020 compared to $283 million in 2008. Kenya Imports from Pakistan were US$201.47 Million during 2020.

Areas of Collaboration

Pakistan and Kenya both are engaged in the bilateral trade of rice and tea, the two dominating trade items via Gwadar port in Pakistan and Port-Mombasa in Kenya. Similarly, the newly launched Lamu Port in Kenya can help Pakistan to deliver its products to the African continent.

Along with this Kenya is the partner of the East African Community (EAC), which can help Pakistan to achieve its policy of Engage Africa. Having good relation with the EAC, Pakistan can promote its economic policy by having healthy engagements with the African countries. The Pak-Kenya relationship has tremendous scope for further strengthening all areas of mutual interest.