Astana, 16 May 2023 (TDI): During a telephone conversation, the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, congratulated his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on his victory in the first round of the presidential elections in Türkiye.

The Kazakh President acknowledged the achievements of the Republican alliance led by the Justice and Development Party in the parliamentary elections. He stated that the alliance’s victory in the parliamentary polls reflected the success of the party’s policies and its vision for the future of Türkiye.

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Tokayev also recognized the Turkish people’s trust in the AK Party and its commitment to the welfare and progress of the nation.

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He hoped that the alliance’s success would further strengthen the democratic institutions of Türkiye and contribute to its prosperity.

The conversation between the two leaders focused on ways to enhance collaboration between the two brotherly countries in various fields. Both Presidents reviewed the prospects for strengthening bilateral trade and investment connections and growing bilateral trade volume. They emphasized enhancing the two nations’ cultural and educational exchanges.

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President Tokayev’s greetings to President Erdoğan demonstrated the strengthening of relations between the two countries, which have risen in value in recent years. Shared histories, culture, and powerful economic and political interests link Kazakhstan and Turkey.

The two nations have developed a strategic alliance that spans various fields, including trade, investment, defense, and cross-cultural interaction.

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They have also been establishing energy infrastructure and transportation links to assist oil and gas transportation from Kazakhstan to Turkey and Europe. Additionally, both countries have collaborated to advance cultural exchanges and broaden educational collaboration.