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Jordan join hands with UN for solidarity and peace in Palestine


Amman, 26 March 2024 (TDI): The United Nations Secretary-General and Jordanian Foreign Minister join hands to commemorate solidarity with and peace in the State of Palestine on Monday.

During a press conference in Amman, Jordan the two dignitaries shared their joint commitment towards the people of Palestine.

“Today, the Security Council will be voting on a resolution demanding ceasefire, and demanding the entry of supplies,” explained Jordanian Foreign Minister.

“We urge all members of the Security Council to support that resolution, if only to send a message that what is happening is unacceptable and what is happening has to stop,” he affirmed.

“Obviously, Israel has ignored Security Council resolutions before. There are no indications that it will honour this one,” he alarmed.

“But I think what adopting the resolution would do today is just to send a message that Israel cannot continue with its aggression, with impunity and in complete disregard to International Law, in complete disregard to human values and in complete disregard to life,” he reiterated.

Gaza ‘an open graveyard for International Law’

The Foreign Minister further declared that “Gaza has become an open graveyard not just for children but for International Law.”

“And, the consequences for that are extremely devastating not just to the region but to the whole principles of peace and order that your organization stands for.”

“We are going to continue to work with our international partners to make sure that the world stands united in saying enough is enough; enough killing, enough war crimes, enough massacring of innocent and enough impunity for violating International Law.”

“UN and Jordan have been solid partners for decades, UN is indispensable, it is irreplaceable,” the Foreign Minister emphasized explaining the Palestinian issue and refugee problems.

He concluded his statement with a note of thanks mentioning the strong stance undertaken by the Secretary-General with reference to Gaza and respect for both International Law and UN Charter.

Solidarity in Action’

The UN Secretary-General opened his statements with the remarks that “When I see Jordan, I see solidarity in action.”

Furthermore, he narrated the persistent efforts carried out by Jordan in adjusting the Palestinian refugees, adopting advocacy roles for the displaced in camps and showing true compassion in spirit, words and deeds for the traumatized population.

Similarly, he appreciated the support provided by Jordan to Syrian refugees who flee to Jordan for safety and urged international community to support Jordan in this regard.

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“There is a growing consciousness around the world that all of these must stop. The fighting must end now. The hostages must be released now. And, we must not lose sight of the Big Picture,” the Secretary-General emphasized.

“A lasting end to the Israel-Palestine conflict can only come through a two-state solution.”

“Israel must see their legitimate needs for security materialized. And, Palestinians must see their legitimate aspirations for a fully independent, viable and sovereign state realized in line with UN resolutions, International Law and previous agreements,” he earnestly stressed.

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