Cairo, 23 October 2023(TDI): On 21 October, Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kamikawa Yoko, attended the “Cairo Peace Summit” hosted by the Government of Egypt regarding the ongoing situation in Gaza.

The meeting was attended by heads, ministers, and representatives from different European, Middle Eastern, and North American countries and the United Nations.

Foreign Minister Kamikawa Yoko strongly condemned the attacks on Israel by Hamas and appealed for the immediate release of all hostages and the safe return of all civilians. She asked the international community to help calm down the situation and comply with international law.

Kamikawa emphasized the need to redouble diplomatic efforts to prevent regional stability and explained Japan’s efforts until now.

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Furthermore, she pointed out that the most impending challenge is to minimize the humanitarian situation in Gaza, to deliver necessary assistance to the people as soon as possible, and to immediately evacuate all foreign citizens.

Moreover, the Foreign Minister explained that Japan has already allocated 10 million US dollars in aid for Gaza and is committed to considering further assistance based on need.

Kamikawa stressed that Japan supports the ‘two-state solution’ for the Middle East issue and emphasized that the window of opportunity for peace in the Middle East shall never be closed.’

In addition, active discussions were held on calming the situation, preventing escalation, and improving the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Moreover, Kamikawa took the opportunity to meet and exchange views with various leaders, including the president of Egypt, Abdel Fatah El Sisi, the president of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, and foreign ministers of different European and Middle Eastern countries, emphasizing the need to de-escalate and improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza.