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President Xi prioritizes sustainable development at APEC Summit


San Francisco, 18 November 2023 (TDI): President Xi Jinping delivered a speech on November 17 at the APEC Economic Leaders’ Retreat.

Calling upon APEC member nations to prioritize three key principles: innovation, openness, and inclusive development. He also called for global action for sustainable development.

He emphasized that these principles were crucial to fostering regional cooperation and hoped that they would pave the way for another “golden 30 years” for the Asia-Pacific region.

 Additionally, President Xi Jinping also stressed the importance of responding to global challenges responsibly and urged leaders to work together to meet these challenges.

He highlighted the significance of fully delivering on the Putrajaya Vision, which aims to create an Asia-Pacific community that is open, dynamic, resilient, and peaceful and that benefits all people and future generations.

A day earlier, during the APEC Leaders’ Informal Dialogue with Guests and working lunch, President Xi delivered a compelling address that underscored the critical role of sustainable development as the “golden key” to addressing current global challenges.

 He called for collective action and urged leaders to accelerate the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The president also emphasized the importance of green development transformation and building global synergy to combat climate change.

Furthermore, President Xi Jinping’s visionary statements highlighted the significance of international collaboration in addressing pressing issues and advancing the shared goals of sustainable development.

As the APEC summit progresses, world leaders are expected to engage in meaningful discussions and form partnerships that will shape the future of the Asia-Pacific region.

Moreover, President Xi Jinping reiterated the country’s unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable development through deepening cooperation with other countries.

In particular, China aims to build a “green belt and road” that prioritizes environmentally friendly infrastructure, energy, and transportation projects. 

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The Belt and Road initiative, which spans across Asia, Europe, and Africa, aims to promote economic development and connectivity among participating countries.

By incorporating green initiatives, China hopes to ensure that the Belt and Road project is not only economically beneficial but also environmentally sustainable.

The APEC summit continues to serve as a platform for leaders to address challenges together, foster cooperation, and establish a foundation for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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