Islamabad, 1 December 2021 (TDI): The Embassy of Japan in Islamabad participated in the Pakistan Foreign Office Women’s Association (PFOWA) Charity Bazaar 2021. The newly appointed Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan, WADA Mitsuhiro also attended the event with his wife.

An assortment of popular Japanese dishes was presented at the stall of the Japanese Embassy. Amongst them, Sushi, prepared by the Japanese chef, and the Japanese Cheesecake stole the show.

The Cheesecake is a much-loved dessert of Japan having a fluffy texture and a rich flavor. For the stall at the Charity Bazaar, Uncle TETSU donated Cheesecakes as a part of the charity activities.

Uncle TETSU is a famous Japanese enterprise that has earned global fame for its fresh Cheesecakes. Uncle Tetsu is owned by Tetsushi Mizokami who learned to bake from a very young age.

Aside from that, the Embassy also showcased IKEBANA. IKEBANA is the famous Japanese art of displaying flowers to instill harmony. Traditional Japanese dolls were also displayed at the stall.

Pakistan Foreign Office Women’s Association Charity Bazaar

PFOWA is a non-political, non-profit organization that works for welfare and charity. It supports the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that have a lesser wage; for the education of their children as well as medical assistance. Furthermore, PFOWA also gives assistance and financial help to the widows of the Foreign Office personnel.

PFOWA Charity Bazaar was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was inaugurated by the First Lady of Pakistan, Samina Alvi. The event brought together different cuisines and cultures portrayed through respective stalls. Apparel and traditional artifacts of multiple countries were also exhibited on the stalls in the Bazaar.

The First Lady also addressed the event. She commended PFOWA for its philanthropic endeavors despite the pandemic.

A variety of stalls were set up by the embassies of several countries including Thailand, China, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, the European Union, UAE, and many more along with the stalls of educational institutes and private companies.