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Japanese Embassy in Kenya promotes book reading


Nairobi, 24 October 2021 (TDI): The Embassy of Japan, operating in the Republic of Kenya, encouraged children to read books.

The Embassy of Japan in Kenya shared an article by Kids Web Japan, which details that in Japan, some dreamlike bookstores offer books and comics and provide sleeping spaces for the readers. It helps them to relax a bit from their hectic life.


Known as “Overnight Libraries”, these places connect reading with tourism where people get to enjoy staying at an actual bookstore. Furthermore it offers a sense of relief from the presence of technological gadgets like smartphones and tablets.

In a world where technology has become essentially important in each sphere of life, there are still some things that require the old-fashioned way of entertaining oneself and keeping one healthy at the same time.

The Embassy of Japan said that it is important to encourage book reading habits in children in a time of rapidly increase in technological gadgets.

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