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Japan-funded project inaugurated in Lahore


Lahore, 18 March 2022 (TDI): A grassroots grant assistance project for the development of a special education self-support training facility for people with disabilities was inaugurated in Lahore on Friday. This program is funded by the government of Japan. For the project’s implementation, the Japanese government donated a US$74,173 grant to Milestone Society for the Special Persons, a local NGO dedicated to raising awareness and accessibility for people with disabilities.

At the opening event, Japan’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Mitsuhiro Wada, commended the company on its competent completion of the project. He also expressed his gratitude to the organization’s staff members, who work tirelessly as a team to encourage people with disabilities to be self-sufficient and active members of their communities.

While speaking on the occasion, Muhammad Shafiq Ur Rehman, President of Milestone Society for the Special Persons, thanked the people of Japan for the well-equipped facility and expressed his hope that the programs conducted at this self-support training center will make a contribution to supporting individuals with disabilities and promoting their employability.

In collaboration with local groups, the Japanese government would continue to offer flexible and timely assistance to promote the social well-being of Pakistanis at the grassroots level.

On Pakistan and Japan’s bilateral relations:   

Japan-Pakistan relations have mostly remained strong and steady. Japan was one of the first countries to acknowledge Pakistan’s sovereignty, three days after the country’s independence on August 14, 1947. Following the end of the allied occupation of Japan in April 1952, diplomatic ties between the two countries were officially established.

Pakistan has received about 260 billion yen in grants and aid from Japan, as well as over 3 billion yen in investments. As of 2015, there were around 968-2000 Japanese nationals residing in Pakistan, while approximately 12,708 Pakistani nationals are residing in Japan. Approximately 20,000 Japanese visitors visited Pakistan in 2007-2008 and continue to show interest in doing so. Pakistan is largely represented by its embassy in Tokyo, whereas Japan is represented by its embassy in Islamabad.

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