Tokyo, 17 November 2021 (TDI): The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Hayashi Yoshimasa held a virtual meeting with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Commonwealth of Australia, Marise Payne.

The two discussed the Special Strategic Partnership. It’s in the interest of both partners to elevate the cooperation under the ambit of strategic partnership.

The Japanese Foreign Minister enunciated that his country intends to enhance cooperation with Australia for the sake of their common goal.

Special Strategic Partnership

Special Strategic Partnership between the two partners stems from shared values; human rights, commitment to democracy, free trade.

The two have common strategic interests in the stability, security, and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region. They will also work together to ensure “Free and Open Indo-Pacific”.

The Foreign Minister of Japan held a virtual meeting with the Foreign Minister of Australia

During the meeting, the counterparts concurred to communicate closely with reference to the regional situation.

They will work to further strengthen Japan-Australia relations through cooperation in the realm of defense and security; as well as on global issues. In addition to that, the two will coordinate with mutual allies for bilateral benefit.

Aside from that, the two exchanged views on the situation in North Korea; specifically pertaining to its nuclear and missile-related activities and the implications for the Korean Peninsula.

Australia and Japan, both key allies of the US in the Indo-Pacific region, have close diplomatic ties with cooperation in a myriad of fields; economy, trade, security, and defense. Economically, both supplement each other’s needs and strengths.

The Australia-Japan economic relationship is reinforced by complementary strengths and needs. Australia supplies reliable, secure, and safe food to Japan. It also collaborates with Japan in the energy and mineral resources sector.

Whereas, Japan is the leading trade partner of Australia. It has maintained this position for twenty-six years. It is also a major source of investment and technology in Australia.