Tokyo, 25 August 2022(TDI): The Ministry of Defense of Japan in collaboration with the Japan Self Defence Force (JSDF) and Sri Lankan Air Force (SLAF) conducted an online seminar on 24-25 August to enhance their capabilities.

Professionals, diplomats, and officials linked with JSDF conducted virtual seminars and lectures to empower the security measures of SLAF.

Officials like Matsuzawa Tomoko who is Director of Defense Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Region, Major Rank officers, and Officers of Defense and Operation Division, Air Rescue Wing of JASDF were part of the meeting.

Moreover, JSDF shared essential knowledge to improve the capabilities of SLAF Air Rescue Operations in the region.

Defense Cooperation

Srilanka shares an important strategic location which made it essential for Japan and other Indo-Pacific powers.

During 18-19 February 2020, JASDF officers visited SLAF base Ratmalana and held a seminar for the Capacity Building Program in the field of Rescue.

Moreover, in May 2021, JASDF and SLAF held the 2nd Air Rescue seminar as a part of the Capacity Building Program. Due to the Pandemic seminar were held online.

Srilanka and Japan mutually conducted bilateral exercises in Indo-Pacific Region to improve defense capabilities in the maritime and aerial arena.

From 2-4 October 2021, JMSDF Helicopter carriers named JS Kaga, JS Murasame class destroyer, and Sri Lanka Navy Ship Sagara visited the Indo-Pacific Region.

Furthermore, in February 2019, representatives of the Sri Lanka Air Force, JASDF, and the United States Air Force participated in a trilateral search and rescue (SAR) exchange.

In August 2018, Japan provided two Fast Patrol Vessels (FPVs) to the Sri Lanka Coast Guard worth 1.83 billion Japanese Yen and can produce 27 knots of speed and carry 12 persons.

Through Japan International Cooperation Organization Knowledge Co-creation Programs more than 30 Sri Lanka Coast Guard officers received extensive training in Japan.

Both Japan and Sri Lanka held several knowledge exchange seminars to co-operate their capabilities with the growing technological era.