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Italy, Japan and Britain initiate GCAP to advance defense industry


Rome, 26 January 2024 (TDI): Italy, Japan, and Britain have initiated the fighter jet program treaty named Global Combat Air Program (GCAP), aiming to collaborate on the development of an advanced fighter jet.

Italy’s Defense Minister, Guido Crosetto, revealed in a recent interview that the program might open its doors to additional countries in the future, marking a significant shift in defense industry collaboration.

“Afterward, with everyone’s agreement, we could widen it to other countries,” Crosetto told the Italian media.

GCAP Treaty

Italy, Japan, and Britain signed the international agreement known as the GCAP (Global Combat Air Program) fighter jet program treaty. It signifies a pioneering effort to merge the individual next-generation fighter initiatives of these countries.

The goal of the treaty is to facilitate collaboration, and streamline resources. Also, to combine expertise in the development of advanced combat aircraft.

“We will not open (the program) to others until the initial phase will be closed,” Guido Crosetto told.

Guido Crosetto emphasized that the program would remain exclusive to the founding nations during the initial phase.

However, he hinted at the possibility of expanding collaboration to include other countries later on. While not directly addressing inquiries about interest from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Crosetto acknowledged the keen interest from various nations.

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The primary objective of the GCAP is to witness the maiden flight of the combat aircraft by 2035. The collaborating nations have set an ambitious timeline.

However, planning to commence the joint development phase in 2025. They envision the advanced fighter jet incorporating cutting-edge technologies.

Moreover, to ensure its superiority in the ever-evolving landscape of aerial warfare. Strategists view the potential expansion of the GCAP to include other countries as a strategic move.

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The GCAP represents a paradigm shift in defense industry collaboration, highlighting the benefits of pooling resources, expertise, and technological capabilities.

By fostering international partnerships, the program aims to create a state-of-the-art fighter jet that not only meets the specific needs of the participating nations but also sets a new standard in global defense innovation.

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