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EU urges Palestinian statehood amid Israeli opposition


The EU proposes a peace conference to be held in the coming months with the goal of restarting negotiations on a two-state solution. Palestinian and Israeli foreign ministers attended negotiations in the Belgian city for peace talks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reiterated his rejection of a two-state solution, casting doubt on the future of the peace process. Netanyahu proposed an artificial island off Gaza to house Palestinian refugees.

The EU has rejected this proposal, calling it “unrealistic and impractical.”

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

EU urges both parties to tackle Gaza’s humanitarian crisis amid a blockade causing shortages. The EU is calling for an immediate lifting of the blockade and for increased humanitarian assistance.

EU’s Palestinian statehood pursuit encounters Hungary and Austria resistance due to migration concerns. However, other member states, such as France and Germany, remain committed to the two-state solution.

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The EU’s call for Palestinian statehood is a significant development in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, it remains to be seen whether the EU will be able to overcome its internal divisions and persuade Israel to accept a two-state solution.

The peace process teeters, stressing the urgent Gaza crisis, necessitating a swift and lasting resolution to avert further destabilization. The fate of peace is precarious, underscoring the need for prompt action.

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