Iraqi Ambassador to UAE visits University of Artificial Intelligence Research

Team of University of Artificial Intelligence Research with Iraq Ambassador

Baghdad, 8 October 2021 (TDI): The Ambassador of Iraq to Abu Dhabi, Muzaffar Mustafa Al-Jubouri, met the President of Mohamed bin Zayed, University of Artificial Intelligence research. Doctor Fakhr El-Din presented the presentation on the fields and application of artificial intelligence, programs in the university, the vision of a university in the future, and the students admitted to the postgraduate university.
The Ambassador declared that the UAE university would be the best institution in research and education. The university is one of the best universities for graduates so that they can achieve their world-class future.

The Ambassador conversed on the requirements for accepting Iraqi students in research and academics in the disciplined university.

Doctor Fakhr gave the shield to the Ambassador of Iraq and promised to work cooperatively between the two countries.

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