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Iran urges UN action to halt Israeli aggression


Tehran, 28 October 2023 (TDI): In a meeting with United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian emphasized Tehran’s unwavering support for the Palestinian people in the face of Israeli aggression and condemned what he described as Tel Aviv’s acts of genocide.

The meeting, held during an extraordinary session of the UN General Assembly on Palestine in New York, focused on the latest developments in the Middle East and the situation in the Gaza Strip.

Amirabdollahian voiced his concerns over some countries’ silence and the United States’ support for Israel’s brutal aggression and genocide, which he believed had emboldened the Israeli regime to intensify its attacks on civilians in Gaza and the West Bank.

He underlined Iran’s foreign policy of providing steadfast support for the Palestinian people’s resistance and their struggle for freedom, with the ultimate goal of fully restoring their rights.

The Iranian Foreign Minister called for immediate and decisive action by the international community and the United Nations, especially the UN Security Council, to fulfill their duties in supporting the Palestinian people’s resistance.

He stressed that Iran supports a political solution that would promptly halt the crimes against humanity and genocide in Gaza, ensure the continuous flow of humanitarian aid, and prevent the forced displacement of Gazan residents.

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Amirabdollahian cautioned that if the current situation and the Israeli regime’s war crimes persist, there is a significant risk of the conflict spreading and new war fronts emerging in the region.

He laid out a vision for lasting and just peace in the region, which he believed could only be achieved by ending the occupation of Palestine, enabling the return of refugees to their homeland, determining a future system for Palestine through a referendum attended by all residents.

Also by establishing an independent and integrated Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, based on a political plan registered with the United Nations by Iran.

Secretary-General Guterres acknowledged Iran’s unique role in the region and urged Tehran to continue its diplomatic and constructive political efforts.

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He described the humanitarian situation in Gaza as disastrous and called on all parties to work towards ending the conflict and delivering humanitarian aid.

Guterres emphasized that the United Nations’ top priority was to ensure the flow of humanitarian aid and the establishment of a ceasefire.

He stressed the importance of a political solution to the conflict, highlighting the need for peace and security in the region and across the world.

During the meeting, Iran appealed to the United Nations to take immediate and resolute action to end the ongoing crisis in Palestine and prevent further loss of life and suffering.

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Maham Shabir
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