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Iran shop attack claims life of Nine Pakistani nationals


Tehran, 28 January 2024 (TDI): A deadly attack at a vehicle repair shop in Saravan city, Iran, has claimed the lives of nine Pakistani nationals, with three others left in critical condition.

This distressing attack, verified by Iranian and Pakistani officials along with local media, highlights the growing unrest in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchistan Province.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Tehran condemned the heinous attack, urging the Iranian government to extend full cooperation with Pakistani authorities on the matter.

Via his social media handle, Ambassador Tipu conveyed deep shock over the killings and assured that the embassy would provide support to the bereaved families.

Additionally, he informed me that a counselor from Zahidan is en route to the incident site and the hospital where the injured are receiving treatment.

According to preliminary reports, individuals who fell victim to this attack were from districts including Multan, Muzaffarnagar, and Bahawalpur. The perpetrators of the attack have not been identified yet.

However, no groups or individuals have yet claimed responsibility for the incident, as reported by Iran’s semi-state news agency.

The Baloch rights group Haalvash confirmed on its website that the victims were Pakistani laborers who lived at an auto repair shop where they worked. Three others were wounded, it said.

The caretaker minister for foreign affairs expressed sadness through his social media accounts over the deaths of Pakistani nationals in a terrorist attack. He offered condolences to the individuals and families who fell victim to this terrorist attack.

This heinous attack is an attempt to spoil relations between Pakistan and Iran our common enemies. he stated.

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Deadly attack by unidentified attackers

The Foreign Office Spokesperson of Pakistan makes the following statements while addressing this deadly attack by unidentified attackers, escalating tensions between two closely connected countries.

“It is a horrifying and despicable incident and we condemn it unequivocally. We are in touch with Iranian authorities and have underscored the need to immediately investigate the incident and hold to account those involved in this heinous crime.

Furthermore, our Consul in Zahedan is en route to the hospital where they will reach in a few hours to oversee the treatment of the injured, considering the long distances and security imperatives involved.

Additionally, He will also meet local authorities, and among other things, impress upon them the urgent need for strong action against the perpetrators of this crime.

The Spokesperson stated that they are aware of this distressing incident and are taking all appropriate measures in this regard. The embassy will do its best to bring the bodies of those who lost their lives back to their home country.

Pakistan will remain resolute and determined in its fight against terrorism, Spokesperson added.

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