Tehran, 7 October 2023 (TDI): The Foreign Ministry of Iran has denunciated the Nobel Peace Committee’s decision to award a prize to an Iranian citizen.

Nasser Kanaani, the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Spokesman, expressed Iran’s commitment to genuine peace in the region and the world, emphasizing the nation’s efforts to promote a culture of peace while preventing any abuse of this commitment.

Kanaani censured the Nobel Peace Committee’s decision, citing the recipient’s history of frequent law violations and criminal activities.

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He characterized the award as politically motivated and driven by some European governments’ anti-Iran policies.

As Kanaani charged the committee with misstating facts about Iran’s internal developments, reflecting an agenda to produce inaccurate narratives.

Highlighting the Iranian people’s decades-long endurance of political and economic pressures, Kanaani underscored their resilience against unjust and inhumane sanctions imposed by Western countries.

He argued that such actions serve to strengthen Iran’s determination to pursue an independent policy.

Kanaani urged the Nobel Peace Committee to redirect its focus, recommending that they recognize individuals or organizations genuinely dedicated to fostering a culture of peace and justice globally and among nations.

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Additionally, he called on them to cease acting as a tool for implementing the hypocritical policies of Western nations.

Iran remains committed to promoting peace and justice worldwide through cooperative and peaceful coexistence among nations, as Kanaani emphasized.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s stance underscores their dedication to the cause of establishing genuine peace and justice globally.