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Iran celebrates International Al-Quds day


Tehran, 5 April 2024 (TDI): Islamic Republic of Iran shall be celebrating International Al-Quds Day, or ‘Jerusalem Day’ on 5th April, 2024.

The Day has been conceived by Iranian authorities to express their support for Palestine and opposition to Israel.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran has released an official statement.

It “emphasizes the continuation of the principled and constant policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in supporting the liberation struggles and legitimate resistance of the Palestinian nation.”

Also, it reiterates the “necessity of effective comprehensive and deterrent counteraction against the crimes of the occupying and child-killing Zionist regime.”

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The statement declares that “the historic initiative” has been formulated by the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran “to name the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as ‘International Quds Day’”.

“The Palestinian Cause and the liberation of al-Quds al-Sharif have now turned into a symbol of the unity of the entirety of humanity from whatever race, religion, and creed around the world,” it explains.

“The situation of Palestine and its civilised and oppressed people has turned into a major human catastrophe,” it alarms.

Furthermore, it has detailed the horrific crimes committed by Israel against Palestinians in both Gaza and other Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and the extensive damage done to the infrastructure that crippled life altogether in Palestine.

US and West

Nevertheless, it vehemently criticized Israel’s occupation and war crimes and its allies.

“Undoubtedly enough, the supporters of this regime, led by the regime of the United States of America and other Western states, which not only did nothing to prevent this great injustice from happening.”

“But right from the very first days lent their support to this regime by travelling to the occupied Palestinian territories and sending all forms of military aid and all-round support shall forever carry the black mark of these great crimes.”

Moreover, it called on all Muslim states, international and human rights organizations to “stand in unity and solidarity” with the people of Palestine in ending the occupation and aggression.

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