Iran and Pakistan strengthen their relations

The representatives of both countries agree to strengthen their relations.

Islamabad, 12 October 2021 (TDI): “Parliamentary diplomacy could play a vital role in strengthening relationships between Pakistan and Iran”, National Assembly Deputy Speaker said.

Yesterday, Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri has stated that Pakistan and Iran are brotherly Islamic countries that have ties based upon religion, fraternity, culture, history, and neighborhood. In that sense, enhancing ties is imperative for regional development and prosperity.

At the meeting, Deputy Speaker has stressed the need for regular exchange of parliamentary delegation between the two countries. He also emphasized cooperation in the fields of trade, commerce, and energy for the mutual benefit of both states.

In his own words, he showed that the Incumbent government is striving to have friendly relations with all its neighboring countries including Iran. From his perspective, unity among Muslim countries is imperative to resolve the issues faced by Muslim Ummah across the world. In this context, Parliamentary diplomacy and people-to-people contacts could play an important role between two countries.

Deputy Speaker was confident that the recent visit of the Iranian parliamentary delegation would prove a milestone in fostering bilateral parliamentary ties between the two countries. Hence, explore new avenues for enhancing cooperation and understanding between the legislative institution of Pakistan and Iran.

Moreover, Head of the Iran-Pakistan parliamentary friendship group Ahmed AmirAbadi Farhani remarked that Iran values high its relation with Pakistan and desired to further cement existing bilateral ties through enhanced parliamentary and economic cooperation. The officer also appreciated the role of Pakistan in bringing regional peace among Muslim Ummah countries. He Thanked the Deputy Speaker for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to the Iranian parliamentary delegation in Pakistan.

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