Islamabad, 17 March 2022 (TDI): Lu Jian interviewed the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi on 11, March 2022.

Qureshi was asked what was his remarks on the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, he said the Winter Olympics was mind-blowing because of its fantastic precision and coordination.

It was organized efficiently and became a symbol of unity and diversity. It is a pointer towards future growth and events. Upon being asked about the development of winter sports in Pakistan, he said that we want to develop winter sports in Gilgit in the days ahead.

We have the potential, however, we lack the infrastructure that we will develop for future Olympics. Qureshi said there is no doubt that Chinese leadership and the people organized an event of this magnitude despite Covid-19 being a challenge.

The organization and commitment to this event were phenomenal. The world saw a determinant nation that overcame pandemic challenges. This event is a reflection of how Chinese people have defeated Covid-19.

Regarding politicization by the West towards Winter Olympics, he said, sports should not be politicized. Pakistan has not been a part of any propaganda and Prime Minister Imran Khan has fully supported this event.

Further, he acknowledged the warm welcome the Pakistani delegation received from Chinese people at the event which gives the reflection of a strong relationship between Pakistanis and the Chinese. 

According to Qureshi, “CPEC progress is satisfactory despite the Covid-19 challenges. Prime Minister had a very good meeting with NRDC and is ready for Phase-2 of the project.”

He said that Pakistan’s biggest challenges this year are inflation because of the increase in oil prices, maintaining fiscal deficit, and debt.

He remarked that “Dasu attack was tragic and security has been increased for the protection of Chinese personnel. It is a priority of Pakistan government.”

Incapable to understand the meaning of Islam, there has been a false campaign to associate Islam with Terrorism. However, nations and organizations such as OIC have started to talk about Islamophobia.

Pakistan and China have consulted and are coordinating the situation in Afghanistan. “We also have a trilateral arrangement and we are looking forward to the next trilateral meeting”, said Qureshi.

Pakistan is working towards the elimination of terrorism in this region with China and other countries. He thanked China for the support, training, experience sharing, and the vaccine during Covid-19.

He highlighted that Pakistan has managed to keep the balance between saving lives and maintaining a livelihood. Despite the challenges, Pakistan’s economy improved by 5.37% and the Chinese vaccine was very helpful.

Pakistan is dealing with the 5th wave of Covid-19 very well. Qureshi said he is optimistic that 2022 would see the end of Covid-19. Talking about the recent visit of Qureshi as a Foreign Minister of Pakistan, he said, China is huge and beautiful.

During his visits, he said that he noticed strength, confidence, national rejuvenation, and economic growth in the last 15 years. Today, China is a rising global economic power. Bringing 800 billion people out of poverty is a huge achievement for China.