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International Youth Day 2021


International Youth Day is celebrated each year on 12th August. On this day, the government, and citizens from across the globe come together to recognize and bring attention to the problems faced by the youth. It was first observed on August 12, 1999, by the United Nations. The theme of this year 2021 is “Transforming Food Systems: Youth innovation for Human and Planetary health. This day is celebrated by awareness sessions, various social and community events. The youth of any nation possess high energy, positivity, high spirits and are the strong agents of change. They have the potential to transform this world and make it a better place, but the condition for it is access to various opportunities.

According to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the youth is “on the frontlines of the struggle to build a better future for all.” The EU Pakistan took to Twitter and shared that young people are drivers of stronger, safer, and fairer societies everywhere.

World Health Organization (WHO) stated that the youth around the world have the power and energy to act in the right direction and added that they have the right to urge the decision-makers in their respective communities to defeat hunger, improve sustainable healthy diets and improve the planet as well.

Across the international arena, every nation is moving further on raising awareness campaigns and working further so that the youth of a country can raise their voice freely and bring a change in their country. Youth are the future of any country and are a reliable asset for them. In this regard, the UN peacekeeping mission shared their views on International Youth Day and said that young people have the due right to have their voices regarding various matters heard.

At present, the youth has been badly affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has affected their lives to a great extent but they can work to beat the effects of the pandemic by playing a responsible role in society.

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