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President Arif Alvi receives Iraqi Foreign Minister


Islamabad, 12 August 2021 (TDI): President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi received the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Iraq, Fuad Hussein on Thursday.

President Alvi appreciated the positively evolving friendship between Pakistan and Iraq. He guaranteed his support for the Iraqi government in its fight against terrorism and extremism as well as corruption. Conveying his support for Iraqi state-building, he emphasized that Iraq can regain its economic and political effectiveness.

The President stated his desire for strengthening ties with Iraq, praising the ongoing efforts under the current Iraqi leadership.

The two sides underscored ways to establish and bolster bilateral relations between the two friendly states in areas of common interest, particularly in the fields of economy and security.

The foreign minister emphasized that in an attempt to rebuild and rehabilitate its infrastructure, Iraq is keen on creating economic relations with other states and it looks forward to doing the same with Pakistan.

The two dignitaries also shed light upon the recent political developments in Iraq and the Middle East as Fuad Hussein affirmed that his country is about to complete the preparations for free and fair parliamentary elections that would restore public confidence in the political system. He further confirmed Iraq’s efforts in reducing regional tensions by urging all parties to reject violence and use dialogue for creating peace and stability in the region.



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