International Organizations supports Covid-19 Vaccination in South Sudan

Delegates from various international organization in South Sudan to discuss improved vaccination drive in South Sudan

Juba, 22 October 2021 (TDI): International organizations in South Sudan, including the World Health Organization African Region and South Sudan, UNICEF South Sudan, South Sudan Red Cross and Gavi, the Vaccination Alliance are supporting the South Sudan Ministry of Health to boast Covid-19 vaccination drive.


This week, all of these international organizations working in South Sudan will join hands with the South Sudan Ministry of Health to pace up the Covid-19 vaccination drive in South Sudan, especially in the remote areas of the region.

The decision came after witnessing the slow uptake of the Covid-19 vaccination in South Sudan.

The people of South Sudan are still resistant to take the Covid-19 vaccination due to various stereotypes built about the vaccines.

The international bodies, along with the South Sudan Ministry of Health, are planning various strategies to improve the Covid-19 vaccination uptake.

The goal is to aggravate the vaccine uptake 10x. The members desire to take daily vaccine uptake from 2000 to 25000.

The members plan to make South Sudan a fully vaccinated country in the African region.

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