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International Day of Women in Multilateralism


In a historic move on November 23, 2021, UNESCO’s General Conference etched a significant date onto the global calendar, declaring January 25th as the International Day of Women in Multilateralism.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to acknowledge the indispensable role played by women in the promotion of human rights, peace, and sustainable development within the multilateral system.

Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and, therefore, half of its potential. However, according to UN data based on the current pace of change, it will take approximately 130 years to achieve gender equality in top leadership roles.

IDWM stands as a beacon of hope and action, advocating for increased representation of women in key decision-making processes. It ensures that multilateral agendas not only include but also actively benefit women and girls.

The Day provides a dynamic global platform for meaningful intergenerational dialogues between women leaders within the multilateral system and a new generation of women as future leaders in global governance.

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Empowering Women’s Leadership in Climate Action

This year, it takes center stage with the theme “Gender Equality to Solve the Climate Emergency.” This day aims to spotlight women leaders within the multilateral system, driving a global dialogue on dismantling gender discrimination to enhance responses to climate emergencies.

IDWM 2024 will champion proposals that ensure gender equality is at the center of multilateral responses, enhancing the engagement of women in the realms of science and environmental advocacy.

It will amplify women’s participation in scientific discoveries, conservation of ecosystems, and efforts to reduce threats to biodiversity. It will also work to increase and fortify women’s leadership in the governance and management of natural resources and water.

The outcomes of IDWM 2024 will be concluded in a set of recommendations aimed at integrating the gender perspective into key 2024–2025 events, including the UN Ocean Decade Conference in Barcelona, the World Press Freedom Day Conference, the World Science Forum, and the 2025 UN Ocean Conference.

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