Islamabad, 20 November 2021 (TDI): Irina Tugio, the wife of the Ambassador of Indonesia to Pakistan hosted a fashion show. The Indonesian Embassy, Islamabad hosted the fashion show to celebrate the ‘Value of Cultural Heritage and Diversity.’ Earlier, the Indonesian Embassy also hosted an Appreciation Night, as well.

The fashion show was organized to celebrate the diversity of Indonesia

The fashion show featured Wastra Indonesia. During the fashion show, the handcrafted and traditional clothes of Indonesia were presented. Indonesia is a culturally rich and diverse country. It offers a wide array of different traditional clothing.

Traditional Indonesian Clothing

Typically, traditional Indonesian clothing like Kebaya and Batik cloth represents three cultures; Balinese, Javanese, and Sundanese. Indonesian men and women traditionally wear a sarong. A sarong is a long piece of cloth, is wrapped around the body from the waist down.

Models displaying the featured attire

Batik is a cloth made with the technique of applying wax-resist dye to the whole cloth. It is of Javanese origin and made by drawing dots and lines of the wax-resist dye. UNESCO has classified Batik as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Traditional Indonesian Batik apparel

Traditional apparel reflects the people of a country. During a wedding, an important meeting, ceremony, or celebration, the Indonesian men dress in a traditional batik shirt and sarong. Moreover, the patterns on the two vary from region to region within Indonesia.


Aside from Batik, Sukarno also represents the culture of the country. It is a black cap that has become the national headdress for formal occasions.


Kebaya is considered as one of the national costumes of Indonesia. It is a long-sleeved blouse made of brocade, silk, cotton, or semi-transparent nylon. Traditionally, it is worn with a batik sarong. Historically, such attire was only worn by the aristocracy or royalty. However, presently they are worn commonly for events, throughout Indonesia.