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Inauguration of Pakistani Truck Art tram in Belarus


Minsk, 22 May 2024 (TDI): The Embassy of Pakistan in Minsk, in collaboration with the Belarusian State Institution “Minsktrans”, inaugurated a Pakistani “Truck Art” Tram today, as part of the activities celebrating the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Belarus.

The Ambassador of Pakistan to Belarus Sajjad Haider Khan, along with First Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Lazarevich Nadezhda, and the Director General of “Minsktrans” Dziubenko Oleg Anatolievich inaugurated the Tram decorated with the traditional Truck Art.

Around 100 guests attended the ceremony. Speaking about the project, the Ambassador highlighted “Truck Art” as a vibrant and distinctive form of artistic expression in Pakistan, where trucks, buses, and rickshaws are adorned with intricate designs, vivid colors, and cultural motifs. He stressed that the event reflects Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and the creativity of its artisans.

Pakistani "Truck Art" tram in Belarus

Moreover, the Ambassador expressed his gratitude to the Minsk City Government for their support in the introduction of this unique Art Project in Minsk thereby bringing a piece of Pakistan’s artistic tradition to Belarusian streets.

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He underscored that the Belarusian Tram with Pakistani “Truck Art” is a symbol of the enduring relationship between Pakistan and Belarus.

This project, set to run for a year, symbolizes the strong cultural ties between Pakistan and Belarus. It aims to foster cross-cultural understanding and strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two nations.

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