Ankara/Damascus, 7 February 2023 (TDI): The Volunteers of the International Federation of Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Turkey, and Syria rescued people in aftermath of the earthquake crisis near Gaziantep.

The volunteers rescued people that were trapped under the collapsed buildings after two deadly earthquakes struck near Gaziantep. IFRC launched an emergency appeal to respond to a deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkiye and Syria.

Immediately support for affected communities was mobilized as the needs are growing every second. Rescue teams are working to reach the hardest-hit areas where survivors remain trapped under rubble.


The teams of the Turkish Red Crescent have been deployed in ten affected provinces in the south and southeast regions with stocks of food and basic aid items such as tents and blankets to support those injured and evacuated.

Their teams are also providing psychological support, distributing hot meals, and sending their national stock of blood and plasma to the affected regions.


The Syrian Arab Red Crescent responded on the ground, supporting search and rescue operations, providing first aid, performing emergency medical evacuations, and transporting injured people to hospitals.

It is pertinent to note that a large number of buildings collapsed amidst vulnerable living situations and very harsh weather conditions.

“This earthquake caused unfathomable damage. Our worst fear is coming true. In this response, every minute counts,” said Xavier Castellanos, IFRC Under Secretary General for National Society Development and Operations Coordination.

Appeal for Global Support

Vulnerabilities are increasing due to harsh winters, making it unbearable to many, particularly in Syria. People lost their homes and loved ones need support. There is a dire need to provide relief.

Increased global support and solidarity to deliver humanitarian assistance are essential in the weeks and months of recovery ahead.

IFRC will launch two International Appeals, CHF 20 million to support people in Syria with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and CHF 50 million in Turkiye with the Turkish Red Crescent.