Sana’a, 12 September 2022 (TDI): The International Committee of the Red Cross in Yemen (ICRC) and the Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCS) distributed cash to 3,387 displaced families and host communities in Fara El Udein.

On Sunday, ICRC together with Yemen’s Red Crescent society distributed cash to 3,387 families displaced by Houthi-Controlled Ibb in Yemen.

The Yemen Red Crescent Society is a Yemeni humanitarian association founded in 1968 and joined the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement in 1982.

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War inside the city of Ibb, Yemen

Strategically located on the highlands of central Yemen along lucrative wartime smuggling routes, Ibb is the second most populous governorate of the country. It is home to nearly 4 million people and shelters more than 200,000 IDPs.

In October 2014, the Houthis entered the city of Ibb from a northern checkpoint. Ibb is not located on the front line of the war but has nevertheless experienced sustained levels of violence.

After Saleh’s assassination in December 2017, the Houthis have accelerated the takeover of state institutions, replacing local supporters and GPC affiliates suspected of conspiration with militants close to the movement’s inner circle hailing from the northern highlands.

Infighting seems largely motivated by a rift between the local elites of Ibb and Houthi loyalists from Saada.

Despite its international ramifications, the roots of the conflict continue to be predominantly domestic and reflect national and subnational struggles for power and influence.

As of November 2018, the Displacement Tracking Mechanism (DTM) Yemen estimates that there are 3.6 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) (607,865 households) dispersed across all 22 governorates.

Out of which, the majority were displaced due to conflict ongoing since March 2015. According to the UN report, 80% of the population in Yemen is in need of urgent humanitarian aid and protection.

The country is now facing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. Moreover, Yemen has lost 90 billion USD in economic output and more than 600,000 people have lost their jobs. 58% percent of the population is living in extreme poverty.

The collapse of public institutions amid the conflict that provides healthcare, water, sanitation, and education has exacerbated the situation.