New York, 12 September 2022 (TDI): United Nations South-South Cooperation Day is celebrated on the 12th of September 2022. This day marks collaboration among developing countries.

South-South Cooperation Day highlights the importance of helping each other on the journey of growth and excellence. On this day, the southern nations come together to re-strengthen their diplomatic ties.

Also, the most crucial facet of south-south cooperation is its contribution to national well-being and collective self-reliance. The unity of developing countries helps in collectively achieving sustainable development goals.

Therefore, in his speech, the UN Chief also emphasized the need for unity in the face of increasing challenges. Collaboration and cooperation are the keys to eradicating problems rising around the globe.

Challenges to the global south

The global south has not yet recovered from the repercussions of COVID-19, the rising inflation, and crashing economies. People are suffering due to a lack of resources and a hike in the price of food and necessities.

On top of COVID-19, climate change has hit the global south with climatic disasters. The worst drought in Somalia has broken the forty-year record. Meanwhile, Pakistan is facing its worst flooding in a decade.

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Yet wars and armed conflicts have not seized in the region. The deadliest war in Ethiopia, the Russia-Ukraine crisis, the humanitarian crisis in Palestine, and many more conflicts are deteriorating the conditions of the global south.

To add fuel to the fire, air and water pollution is increasing, causing health issues. The increasing population and depletion of resources are giving rise to urban poverty.

The entire global south is facing these challenges so it must tackle them collectively. If all developing nations join hands to deal with these challenges with cooperation, they can effectively solve these problems.

At this event, the UN Secretary-General said, “We will need the full contributions and cooperation of the global South to build more resilient economies and societies and implement the Sustainable Development Goals”.