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ICC investigations trigger Israeli threats against Palestinian Authority


Jerusalem, 3 May 2024 (TDI): American administration has been forewarned of punitive retaliation against Palestinian Authority and Gaza in anticipation of International Criminal Court (ICC) issuing arrest warrants against Israeli leaders including Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Gallant.

The investigations by The Hague-based court include the war crimes against Gaza since October 7th, 2023. The prosecution is also taking into account the events as early as the onslaught on Gaza in 2014. This has raised concerns and caused alarm in Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu termed the Court’s investigations of possible war crimes as “outrageous assault on Israel’s right of self-defense.” Additionally, it has also lead to a scramble to block these warrants by a “non-stop push over the telephone”.

As per reports, Israel has informed the Biden administration that Palestinian Authority has been pressing the International Criminal Court’s prosecutor to prosecute the senior political and military leaders of Israel as war criminals.

If the International Criminal Court (ICC) decides to issue arrest warrants, Israel will deem Palestinian Authority responsible, reported the Israeli and US officials.

Furthermore, threats have been made that official decision to halt transfer of tax revenues destined for Palestinian Authority will also be taken. This will lead to eventual bankruptcy.

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US Stance Over ICC’s Investigations

Moreover, it was also reported by two American officials that the Biden administration has made their stance clear to the International Criminal Court in regards to prosecution of Israeli leaders.

“We are quietly encouraging the ICC not to do it. It will blow up everything. Israel will retaliate against the Palestinian Authority,” as reported by a US official.

However, if the The Hague-based court decides to proceed with the warrants, all 124 state parties to the Court will be obligated to produce the war criminals before the court for further proceedings.

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