Islamabad, 3 October 2022 (TDI): Huawei Pakistan held the Huawei IT Summit Pakistan 2022 successfully and launched the All Scenario All-Flash storage solution in Islamabad.

Mohsin Mushtaq, the Federal Secretary of Pakistan for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Faisal Rafique from HEC, and Qaiser Sarwar from New Horizon attended the event.

Aside from them, Jahanzeb Arshad from Nayatel, Wang Yong from Future Wei, Wateen’s Aftab Siddiqui, Kashif Ali from TechAccess, and other officials and experts from IT industries as well as Huawei all participated in the Summit.

During the summit, top speakers and experts discussed how data has become a driving force in the digital economy. However, such rapid data growth puts further strain on traditional data centers.

Such centers provide the centralized storage, computation, and data resource sharing required for enterprises to capitalize on the value of data.

Huawei launched an All-Flash storage solution to address today’s issues and enable company growth and digital transformation across industries. As the Chief Guest, Federal Secretary Mohsin Mushtaq praised Huawei’s efforts to organize the Summit.

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In this context, he said that “Huawei has worked closely with the Ministry of IT and Telecommunications on different initiatives and has always been tremendously supportive.”

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of New Horizon Qaiser Sarwar, also shared his experience with Huawei, saying, “We have evolved as more of a ‘Storage Expert.’

“Our adventure with Huawei began 3 and a half years ago when we assessed a storage and realized it had promise in comparison to other storage options on the market.

“The supply chain is so efficiently controlled, and the stable capability of production even during difficult times gives us and Huawei a competitive advantage in the market.”

At the Summit, the IT Director of HEC, Faisal Rafique declared, “Our objective is to increase productivity in the education industry by focusing on world-class learning research and development facilities.”

He went on to elucidate that “Our adventure with Huawei began in 2007 with 30 HEIs and will end in 2022 with 210 HEIs. I’d like to thank Huawei for completing Phase 2 of the project so quickly.”