Tegucigalpa, 30 August 2022 (TDI): The delegations from the Governments of Honduras and Colombia held the ninth meeting of the ‘Joint Commission for Technical, Scientific, Cultural, and Educational Cooperation.’

During the inter-governmental meeting, both sides approved 12 technical cooperation projects for 2022-24.

The approved projects are focused on areas of Banking and Finance, Risk Management, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Tourism, Culture, Livestock, Environment, Social Development, and State Modernization.

These approved technical cooperation projects highlight the plan for the construction of a Framework Law on Culture in Honduras.

This framework will be consistent with the Honduran reality and will be respectful of diversity in which the review, discussion, socialization, and legalization of specific instruments regarding culture are to be prioritized.

Cindy Larissa Rodríguez, the Vice-Chancellor for International Cooperation and Promotion, was heading the Honduran delegation.

During her speech, the Vice-Chancellor said “the approval of the projects within the framework of this Joint Commission strengthens the bonds of friendship between our countries in this new democratic era in Latin America, with a more supportive cooperation and brotherhood among peoples”.

Another important delegate from the Honduran delegation, Anarella Velez, Minister of the Secretariat of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Peoples, was also present at the meeting. She commended Colombia for the construction of the Cultural Framework Law in Honduras.

The approval of the projects was formalized through the signing of the respective Act. The signing of the Act was carried out within the framework of the Basic Agreement of Technical and Scientific Cooperation existing between both Governments.

Representatives from the Secretariat of the ICF (Forest Conservation Institute), the PGR (Attorney General’s Office), the Tourism Secretariat, and the Culture Secretariat, of Honduras also took part in the event.

This meeting was part of the collaboration efforts made by Honduran President, Xiomara Castro, during her visit to Colombia, when she participated in the inauguration of Colombian President, Gustavo Petro.