Islamabad, 15 June 2023 (TDI): The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar, met the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and the Security Policy and the Vice-President of European Commission, Joseph Borell, in Strasbourg.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs highlighted that Pakistan is engaging with the European institutions to build partnerships under various initiatives of the EU, including the Global Gateway Strategy with a focus on green energy, and blue economies.

In addition, she expressed the desire to enhance EU-Pakistan mutual engagement, growth of trade between the two sides, global action on Climate adaptation and building climate resilience, and exchanged views on regional issues.


Pakistan’s engagement with European institutions

Pakistan is a peace-loving nation and promotes friendly relations with all other nations, countries, and communities. It established diplomatic ties with almost all countries around the world.

As Pakistan is engaged with European Union for Global Gateway Strategy with a focus on energy. So, the Global Gateway initiative is a worldwide strategy by the EU to invest in infrastructure projects and establish economic partnerships.

The European strategy includes boosting smart, clean, and secure links in digital, energy, and transport sectors and strengthening health, education, and research systems worldwide.

Collaboration on Blue Economy

The blue economy is important for the economy of Pakistan. It can help Pakistan in many ways, including sustainable management of countries’ marine resources, reducing environmental pressures, creating job opportunities, and promoting economic growth.

Therefore, Pakistan has a desire to advance its blue economy with the technical and financial support of the European Union.

Growth of Trade

Trade with European Union played a significant role in Pakistan’s trade and the EU is Pakistan’s second most important trading partner. Furthermore, Hina Rabbani Khar discussed the importance of trade and economic cooperation between Pakistan and EU countries.

She further emphasized that the EU’s GSP Plus framework had been mutually beneficial and instrumental in the growth of trade between the two sides.

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Global Action on Climate Issues

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs highlighted the importance of decisive global action on climate adaptation and building climate resilience. In addition, she said that developed countries must play their role in solving climate issues through their finances.

According to the reports, she discussed the significant role played by public and private funds in tackling climate issues.