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Here’s Why You Should Never Skip Reporting a Car Accident in Redding


Have you ever thought of not reporting a car accident because it’s minor? Most people in Redding often think accidents involving loss of life or major property damage are the only ones that deserve reporting. This is, however, a misguided thought; any car accident can potentially compromise your health, affect your financial life, and result in major legal consequences.

Reporting a car accident is a crucial step you should never skip, regardless of its perceived impact. Furthermore, it is essential for the reporting to be done as promptly as possible. For instance, car accident victims in Redding, California, have a two-year timeframe within which they must have filed a lawsuit.

By seeking the services of Redding car accident attorneys, victims can have their rights protected and get fair compensation. Reiner, Slaughter, & Frankel firm has been fighting for the rights of the injured for over 4 decades. This legal team, comprised of Russell Reiner, Todd Slaughter, Richard Frankel, and other experts, is behind the largest single plaintiff jury verdicts in Shasta and Humboldt County.

Here are some of the reasons you should always report any car accident:

  1. Facilitate Insurance Compensation Claims

Launching insurance compensation claims for recoverable losses such as medical expenses, loss of quality of life, and property damage usually tops the list of victims’ damages when a car accident occurs.

Accurate identification of recoverable losses and liable parties, proper documentation of property damage and injuries, and protection from insurance companies are key benefits you enjoy by engaging car accident lawyers in Redding.

Prompt reporting of accidents provides ample time for attorneys, government agencies, and other parties of interest to get accurate evidence.

  1. Ensure Your Safety After an Accident

Timely reporting of car accidents is essential for the safety of the victims because it enables emergency services to be dispatched by relevant agencies.

The Redding Police Department (RPD) is one of the organizations that provides immediate assistance to victims of car accidents. This assistance includes providing emergency medical services and facilitating their movement to nearby medical facilities. The RPD is also responsible for assessing the situation at the accident scene and identifying the parties responsible for the crash.

Information on the nature of injuries, medical services offered, and cause(s) of the accident, as gathered by RPD and other emergency response agencies, will be helpful to Redding car accident attorneys in the lawsuit.

Reporting a Car Accident in Redding
Reporting a Car Accident in Redding

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  1. Avoid Unintended Legal Consequences

You need to report any car accident to avoid potential legal consequences, especially if you are responsible for the crash. Failure to report will label the accident as a hit-and-run case, which usually has major legal implications.

For instance, in Redding, like many other cities in California, a hit-and-run offense can lead to severe punishment, such as suspension of a driving license and even imprisonment. However, by reporting the case, you indicate your willingness to cooperate with the authorities and take responsibility for your actions in the car accident.

  1. Promote Responsible Driving

Reporting every accident that occurs is critical to promoting accountability and responsible driving. Research in 2019 classified reckless driving as one of the causes of car accidents, contributing to 33% of fatal car accidents in the US.

Failure to report such accidents sends the message that there are no consequences for reckless driving, creating room for future similar accidents.

However, by reporting every accident, followed by decisive lawsuits pursued by Redding car accident attorneys, drivers’ accountability and responsibility levels increase. This has the impact of reducing the possibility of similar accidents occurring in the future.

Final Thought

You must report any car accident, regardless of its perceived magnitude, to avoid any potential legal consequences.

As a victim of an accident, timely reporting enhances your safety and makes claiming insurance compensation smoother. Lastly, every reported accident goes a long way toward promoting accountable and responsible driving.

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