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Haneef Atmar wishes Afghanistan a happy National Flag Day


Kabul: 30 July 2021 (TDI)

Afghanistan observes National Flag Day on July 28. Mohammad Haneef Atmar, the Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, congratulates his people, particularly the brave armed forces of Afghanistan who serve as the protectors of the great land and the bearers of the country’s honor and dignity.

Afghanistan’s national flag consists of three vertical tricolor bands with an overlay of the classical National Emblem in the center. The colors of the flag signify various characteristics and events of history. The black color represents the dark and tumultuous past of the country. The green color represents Islam as well as wealth. The red color represents the blood lost by those who battled for the country’s independence. The national flag also includes the national emblem representing Islam, as well as the Arabic inscription of the Muslim religion and the Takbir, the Arabic word for “God is great.” The national emblem includes a mosque, a pulpit, and two flags. It also displays the Islamic calendar year 1298 (or 1919, the year the country gained independence from the United Kingdom).

Atmar stated that this proud symbol will continue to shine. Raise the national flag of the country and long live Afghanistan, he said at the end.

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