Guatemala City, 30 August 2022 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala in association with the Dominican Republic Embassy in Guatemala and the CIG (Guatemalan Chamber of Industry), organized a “Dominican Week in Guatemala“.

The event was inaugurated on Monday at a hotel in Guatemala City. The cross-cultural event was organized to strengthen cultural, economic, social, and academic ties between Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

The activities of the event will include business conferences, keynote speeches, networking events, seminars, and gastronomic tastings, among others. The event is scheduled to take place between August 29 and September 1.

More than 10 companies and authorities from the Dominican Republic are taking part in the event in collaboration with Guatemalan Foreign Ministry and Dominican Republic Embassy in Guatemala.

The participating companies will exchange cultural and commercial experiences with representatives of the Guatemalan private sector and will seek to promote investment and trade between both countries.

A cultural presentation with the participation of the Folkloric Ballet will also take place. During the event, the Dominican Republic will also donate books to the National Library of Guatemala and the “Mario Monteforte Toledo” Library of the Guatemala Foreign Ministry.

The activities will take place within the framework of the launch of a new air route between Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, by the Arajet company. Arajet Airlines will soon begin operating two weekly flights between Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Guatemala, Luis Fernando Carranza delivered the inaugural act of the event. During her speech, she highlighted the excellent diplomatic ties between Guatemala and the Dominican Republic that date back to 1844.

The Deputy Foreign Minister referred to the opening of the new air route between Guatemala and the Dominican Republic as proof of solid friendship.

She further said that the opening of the new air route will promote tourism and commercial development between the two countries.

The President of the CIG Board of Directors, Luis Alfonso Bosch, on this occasion said that the activities that will be carried out during the event are designed to promote economic acceleration.