Beijing, 23 March 2023 (TDI): President Xi Jinping has proposed the Global Civilization Initiative to encourage tolerance, coexistence, exchanges, and mutual learning across all civilizations because the futures of all nations are interwoven.

With the help of this project, the world’s civilizational garden will hopefully bloom and spring will return. The movement supports the values of equality, mutual learning, discussion, and inclusivity while promoting tolerance for the diversity of cultures.

It underlines how crucial it is to let mutual learning, cross-cultural exchanges, and peaceful cohabitation outweigh hostility and superiority complexes.

Furthermore, the initiative highlights the common values of humanity, including peace, development, equity, justice, democracy, and freedom.

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It calls for an open-minded approach to appreciate the perceptions of values by different civilizations and avoid imposing one’s own values or models on others and stoking ideological confrontation.

By fully using the relevance of their histories and cultures to the present, the programme also promotes the inheritance and creativity of civilizations.

It aims to support the innovative development and creative transformation of exquisite traditional cultures.

The programme also explores the creation of a global network for inter-civilizational conversation and cooperation, promoting robust international people-to-people contacts and cooperation.

In order to foster understanding and friendship between citizens of all nations and collectively advance the advancement of human civilizations, this will enhance the content of exchanges and widen existing channels of collaboration.

The Global Civilization Initiative is dedicated to cooperating with the global community to create new opportunities for improved contacts and understanding amongst various peoples as well as better relationships and cultural fusion.