Berlin, 20 June 2023 (TDI): China and Germany have pledged to collaborate closely in implementing ambitious climate actions, given the urgency to tackle this global crisis.

As two countries with robust industrial bases, China and Germany recognize their special responsibility in containing the escalating environmental challenges.

The commitment was made during the high-level Dialogue on Climate and Transformation held today, where both nations agreed to work together to ensure a sustainable future.

During the dialogue, representatives from China and Germany concurred that immediate and accelerated action is necessary in the critical decade ahead.

They emphasized the urgency of maintaining the 1.5 °C limit, a crucial threshold identified by climate scientists to prevent catastrophic consequences of global warming.

The joint statement issued by the two countries read, “We have agreed that we, both China and Germany, will take accelerated ambitious climate actions in this critical decade to keep the 1.5 °C limit within reach.”

This declaration signifies their shared commitment to combat climate change and underscores the importance of global cooperation in achieving climate goals.

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A key focus of the collaborative efforts between China and Germany will be the continuous expansion of renewable energy. Both nations recognize the necessity of transitioning away from fossil fuels and increasing the deployment of clean, sustainable energy sources.

The exchange will also prioritize the flexibilization of the electricity system, sector coupling, and the development of the green power market. By enhancing these areas, China and Germany aim to promote a more resilient, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy infrastructure.

This partnership between China and Germany holds significant promise, considering their respective positions as economic powerhouses and leaders in various industries. By combining their resources, expertise, and technological advancements, the two countries can catalyze substantial progress in combating climate change and transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

The collaboration between China and Germany sends a strong message to the international community about the critical importance of unity and cooperation in tackling the climate crisis.

It highlights the need for all nations to step up their efforts and work collectively to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. By taking a proactive stance and prioritizing sustainable practices, China and Germany set an example for others to follow.