Vilnius, 10 June 2022 (TDI): German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is on a visit to Lithuania. During his visit, he stated that Germany would expand the number of combat troops on the ground in Lithuania.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz was in Lithuania for security talks with the leaders of three Baltic states;  Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Scholz emphasised increasing the contribution of a powerful fighting brigade towards an aggressor. This entails a significant increase in Germany’s commitment.

Currently, little under 1,000 Bundeswehr personnel are stationed in Lithuania; a brigade can have up to 5,000 soldiers. The entire meeting had the feel of a war summit against Russia.

NATO’s stated military goal was to defeat Russia militarily and economically, and so eventually conquer it. “Our unified goal is clear: Russia cannot and will not win this war!”

Scholz stated. “Our goal is simple: Russia must lose this conflict, and Ukraine must prevail,” Latvian Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins said.

Scholz told reporters that he called the Russian President Vladimir Putin stressing Putin to reconsider his strategy of attacking Ukraine.

Chancellor Scholz then boasted about Germany’s tremendous rearmament and a special allocation of funds further strengthening the German army.

The increased defence spending would allow Germany to ensure common defence within the framework of NATO and defend its allies.

Germany supplying ammunition to Ukraine

“We will continue to provide weapons to Ukraine,” said the German Chancellor. Also, he mentioned reviewing the Spanish application for providing German tanks to Ukraine.

He promised, among other things, the delivery of a sophisticated Iris-T air defence system and a tracking radar. Also, the  United States is also arming Ukraine with advanced missile systems capable of reaching targets within Russia.

As a result, the war is progressing even more toward an open battle between nuclear powers. The enormous war offensive debunks the government narrative of a supposedly defensive approach against Russia.

German-led “battlegroup” in Lithuania

The German-led “battlegroup” in Lithuania, which is presently being dramatically expanded, was formed in 2017, with “battlegroups” in Estonia, Latvia, and Poland.

It is already heavily armed with a substantial number of big vehicles, including several dozen tanks (combat, recovery, engineer, bridge-laying, and infantry fighting vehicles).”

Chancellor Scholz met German combat forces at the military training camp in Prabade as part of his trip. According to an official report on the government website, he praised the soldiers there “on behalf of the entire federal government” for their service.