Banjul, 18 February 2022 (TDI): The Republic of The Gambia is celebrating its 57th independence day today. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Gambia wishes all Gambians across the boundaries a happy 57th independent anniversary.

Independence day is a holiday all over Gambia and the citizens of Gambia do celebrate it with great zeal and enthusiasm. The Republic of Gambia normally celebrates this day in the capital, Banjul at McCarthy Square.

School children, civil servants, teachers, and the Gambian army perform a march in front of the President of the country as well as other distinguished dignitaries.

History of Gambian Independence 

Portuguese were the first Europeans to establish a trading station in late 1400 in the Gambian river region of the Gambian Kingdoms. Later on, for the purpose of the slave trade Captain Alexander Grant of the British navy purchased Banjul Island.

The town of Bathurst, now known as Banjul became the trading center of the British navy and expanded rapidly. The Gambia was under the administration of the British as a part of British West Africa from 1821 to 1842.

However, due to high competition and colonial race between the major powers of the 18th century, France ceded control of the Gambia River to the British in 1889. The Gambia become the protectorate of the British.

Eventually, Gambia was divided into 34 chiefdoms in 1900. The real power was with British governors, while chiefs of the chiefdoms were impotent. During WWII Gambia not only provided soldiers to the British but also an air staging post. 

It was the year 1960 when some Gambians started demanding independence. However, political parties started to emerge later on. The Gambia became fully independent within the Commonwealth in February 1965 and became a republic on April 24, 1970.

The Republic of Gambia became the 21st member of the Commonwealth, a voluntary association of 54 countries working together for prosperity, democracy, and peace. The Gambia became the 116th member of the United Nations.