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G20 Summit on Afghanistan; Canada’s perspective


Ottawa, 14 October 2021 (TDI): The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, was present at the Extraordinary G20 Summit. The Summit was about the situation in Afghanistan.

Trudeau stated that Canada is monitoring the situation to coordinate its response with their partners. He also mentioned that Canada wont recognize the Taliban as a legitimate government; because they took over by force. Therefore Canada considers them as terrorists.

Trudeau shared that Canada is welcoming 40,000 refugees, and urged the other countries to step up their support to resettle refugees. Then Trudeau stated that the global community; including the G20 Summit assistants, is committed to the protection of human rights. Also the commitment towards that protection includes women and girls.

Canada wants to welcome those 40,000 through two programs. The first program is for Afghan nationals, who assisted the Government. The second one is a special program to resettle Afghan nationals. This program applies to nationals that are in Afghanistan; and that are outside, who don’t have a durable solution.

The groups that can apply to this humanitarian program are the women leaders, human rights advocates, persecuted religious/ethnic minorities, journalists and people who helped Canadian journalists.

The last groups that can apply to this program are the immediate family members of Afghans in Canada, and extended family members of someone who helped the Canadian Government.

Trudeau remarks that they will continue to use their voices to guarantee the access of Afghans to humanitarian assistance. Finally, the Prime Minister reaffirmed the commitment of Canada to welcome Afghan refugees.

Carla Esparza Arteaga
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