Tokyo, 30 August 2022 (TDI): The President of Fujiland Inc. has highlighted his interest in opening Japanese restaurants in the Dominican Republic recently. Subsequently, Youichi Okabe, the President of Fujiland Inc. visited the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Japan on Monday.

During his visit, he was joined by other executives of the group of companies. The President was warmly welcomed by the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to Japan, Robert Takata.

During their meeting, they discussed increasing people-to-people relations between both countries. The President also expressed his aim of opening a ramen shop in the Dominican Republic.

President Okabe highlighted his motivation to expand Fujiland’s business in the Dominican Republic which started during their previous meeting. Additionally, he also expressed his hope of developing more than one Japanese restaurant in the Republic in the future.

The meeting at Fuji TV

Previously, the team of the Dominican Republic Embassy in Japan was invited to the facilities on Fuji TV on 22 July.

During their meeting, the team discussed different aspects of the Dominican Republic with the President of Fuji TV, Koichi Minato. Moreover, the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic promoted various attractions in his country.

This included Sancocho, a collaboration product that was taken up with the help of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic.

President Okabe was also present during the team’s visit. The President remarked that he is interested in exploring the Dominican Republic for the expansion of Fujiland Inc.

Consequently, he highlighted his aim of installing a Japanese Restaurant in the country. According to him, the Restaurant will specialize in selling Ramen, a famous Japanese noodle dish.

Fujiland Inc:

Fujiland was established in 1958 as a member of the Fuji Sankei Group, which is famous for Fuji Television and Sankei Shimbun.

Located in Japan, it is mainly engaged in the Restaurant Industry with 16 companies in the Fujiland, Inc. corporate family.

Currently, Fujiland is engaged in food and drink and product sales on highways. It collaborates with various private companies, local governments, workplace restaurants, and resort areas. Additionally, it is in charge of various welfare facilities.

Furthermore, Fujiland Co., Ltd. builds an environmental management system to realize its environmental philosophy and promote environmental conservation activities. This system is periodically reviewed and continuously improved.

The Corporation also reduces the environmental impact of its business activities by striving to reduce waste, prevent pollution, promote green purchasing, and conserve resources and energy.