Paris, 21 August 2023(TDI): France has emerged as a pivotal force in shaping the future of global peace and security by submitting 20 comprehensive measures to the New Peace Agenda, an initiative spearheaded by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

France’s proactive involvement in the New Peace Agenda follows its longstanding commitment to multilateralism and its recognition of the evolving nature of international challenges.

With the launch of the “Our Common Agenda” Report in September 2021, the United Nations unveiled a roadmap designed to accelerate the realization of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

France, aligning itself with this initiative, seeks to revitalize multilateral cooperation tailored to modern global demands.

The culmination of the Our Common Agenda Report discussions was launched by UNSG in 2022. They should contribute to the adoption by the member states of the Pact for the Future at the Summit of the Future scheduled for September 2024 in New York.

This summit is set to negotiate a Pact for the Future, encompassing declarations for future generations, platforms for emergencies, recommendations for enhanced multilateralism, and strategies to amplify the role of young individuals in international affairs.

France’s proposals for the New Agenda for Peace highlight its commitment to revising and reinforcing the tools necessary for international peace and security.

Notably, the measures emphasize the need to adapt the collective security system to modern challenges and dangers, encompassing fields such as disarmament, cyberspace, and outer space.

Integral to France’s proposals is the endorsement for the expansion of the United Nations Security Council to include broader representation from African nations.

The proposals also advocate for collective restraint in the use of veto power in the Security Council in cases of mass atrocities.

This proposition has already garnered support from a remarkable 106 member states.

Furthermore, France underscores the significance of enhancing the authority and capabilities of the United Nations Secretary-General.

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One of the proposed measures entails empowering the Secretary-General to directly appoint representatives, special envoys, and expert panel members for sanctions committees, independent of Security Council approval.

The evolving nature of conflict, particularly in the face of growing terrorism, also prompts France to call for a comprehensive reconsideration of peacekeeping operations.

This includes an increased role for the United Nations in political processes in post-conflict situations. Also, efforts to curb the intervention of mercenaries who deviate from the mandates of UN peacekeepers should be increased.