Paris, 5 February 2022 (TDI): French President Emmanuel Macron announced increasing funds for Christian schools in the Middle East. The announcement was made by President Macron himself.

Macron announces Aids for Christian Schools

Supporting Christian schools in the Middle East is an old-age commitment. It is a historic mission of France in the Middle East. Macron said, “ we are going to double funds for Christians in 2022.

Before this announcement by the French President, funding was 2 million Euros. It will be increased to 4 million Euros. This funding is will be jointly by the French government and an organization L’Oeuvre d’Orient.

France is a secular state by 1905 law. It means that religion is a private matter and public education has to be secular. Past governments of France closely worked with L’Oeuvre d’Orienta for healthcare and heritage. They also work for providing education.

The French government has always adhered to the strategy of being secular at home and helping the cause of education abroad, especially in the Middle East. France helped with education funding with an aim to promote the cause in the Middle East region.

For approximately the last two decades, there has been political instability and uncertainty in the Middle East that has impacted the education and schools of the region. Especially, in Syria and Iraq wars have drawn France’s attention to the plight of Christians in the region.

Religious minorities especially Christians in the Middle East will be the beneficiaries of the above-mentioned funds. According to a survey, there are 15 million Christians in the Middle East, making up 4 percent of the region’s total population.

History of funding in the Middle East in 2021

French funding went to 174 schools in 2021. 129 schools were funded by France in Lebanon and sixteen were in Egypt. Moreover, there are 7 in Israel, 13 in Palestine, and three in Jordan.